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Renewing the company's operations and technology to a major player in its field

Achieved Benefits

  • A synchronized architecture with the business strategy

  • 50% savings potential

  • Selecting new vendor candidates

  • Optimized product portfolio

Measures taken

  • The challenges of the new strategy and the current technology environment

  • Creating a business architecture roadmap

  • Scanning and Evaluating Potential Suppliers

  • Optimization of cost structure

  • Reviewing product structure

Due diligence process between large companies in their industry

Achieved benefits

  • A view of the suitability of the purchase item to the buyer's strategy

  • Impact of Purchase on Organizations

  • Effects of purchasing on the technology roadmap

  • Evaluation of the organization's functional capacity

Measures taken

  • Compatibility of the company architecture to be acquired

  • Evaluation of the impact of the take-over disintegration

  • Architecture maturity level

  • Evaluation of the organization's functional capacity

Evaluating cyber threat situation of a medium-sized company

Achieved benefits

  • Stating the steps needed to increase organization's maturity level

  • An overall picture of the company's security situation

  • A project plan to reach the target

Measures taken

  • IT maturity analysis

  • Process coverage and activity evaluated for enterprise architecture

  • Organization and role of personnel in relation to processes

  • Assessment of safety-related processes and solutions

Company carve out plan

Achieved benefits

  • Changes required for the organization

  • System interfaces described

  • The necessary commercial arrangements between the companies to be set up to guarantee continuity of operations

Measures taken

  • Reviewing the strategy of a company to be formed

  • Evaluation of the organizational structure and proposals for correction

  • Assessment of system solutions for corporate architecture

  • Assessment of the information architecture and design of a new structure for a shared company

A comprehensive data protection project for an international actor where personal data processing central

Achieved benefits

  • A comprehensive understanding of the situation for the management and other relevant reference groups

  • Determining, scheduling and progressing the required actions & projects as planned

Measures taken

  • Information statements

  • GAP analysis

  • Privacy Risk Management

  • ISO27001 implementation with the necessary control documentation (Privacy Policy, etc.)

  • Digital general training and face-to-face training for key groups

  • Controlling the necessary technical security projects

  • Coordination of contracts and reports for different products and countries

Transition program implementation to a medium-sized organization in crisis

Achieved benefits

  • Creating an understanding of the importance of change and the status of peer organizations to the management and other staff

  • Setting up measures via the benefit levels (most effective vs. easiest)

Measures taken

  • IT Maturity Analysis

  • Evaluation of the digital competence

  • Getting Started with the risk framework

  • Resource Analysis

  • Measure / project plan

  • Enabling a significant, holistic change through a flexible and rapid development model

Fine-tuning of  governance structures for a company in heavy growth phase but needing funding

Achieved benefits

  • Management's understanding of the impact of different steering models on operation

  • Enabling growth and financing

Measures taken

  • A comprehensive demonstration of good governance and impact analysis

  • Formation and implementation of new control structures

    • Corporate governance

    • IT Governance

    • Code of Conduct

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